Well its been a while since my last post.  I mean a while ;on a geological timescale.


Today, I have been out on the water photographing the Brixham Heritage Event.  This happens every year, this time I was out on Ron Campions Rib photographing the heritage fleet.


To qualify to be part of the heritage fleet, your boat must have been designed before 1970, there were a wide variety of boats present ranging from French fishing boats to Brixham Trawlers and 1930s racing yachts.

Whilst taking the photographs I was reminded of Robert Capa’s maxim “If your photographs aren’t good enough you aren’t close enough”.  It was windy at points and this brought some challenges – such as trying to keep the lens dry through the spray.  I was generally very pleased with the resulting images and they went down really well with the sailors afterwards.  This is what really counts.

I think everyone had a great day on the water and I cannot thank Ron who drove the Rib enough after all it was his driving that got me into the really close positions to take the photographs.  At times the bowsprits were over our little boat – and we had to duck to keep out of the way.  IMG_4097