I have just spent 10 days providing safety cover for the Mirror National Championships and following on from the the European Championships.  As the standard of sailing was really high, there was very little to do so I was glad I took my cameras (even if they did not survive unscathed).  I was really pleased with some of the photographs I took, but mostly I was really pleased with the reaction of the sailors.

At one point I had a camera in a waterproof case dangling off the back of the boat I was in.  The sailors responded really well to this and I got some really memorable photographs.  A couple are going to go on my wall, but one incident sticks in my mind as being really funny.  A boat by the name of Chips was crossing behind my boat, with the intention of having their photograph taken when another got between us and the boat.  Laughing, the crew of Chips shouted “You ruined my photo opportunity!” and there was much laughing.  I caught the moment but did not notice until after but here is the photo.  You can see her protesting – arms out wide!

I got photos of them after too, I really hope they like them.

You stole my photo opportunity

You stole my photo opportunity!

The second photograph is the Photo Op!

Mirror Dinghies competing at Brixham in the European Championships